Ayurveda Treatment - An Ancient Treatment for Constipated Disease

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Constipated is well-known as an intestinal problem, and at very least everyone gets constipated but once in their lifetime. Constipation is defined as having far fewer bowel actions which could possibly be under 3 times a week. Constipation can make one feel full; have a sensation of an entire bowel; straining whenever one wants to go; having a partial evacuation or find it agonizing whenever moving bowel. Whenever you are constipated, feces are usually smaller in size, hard and not easy to shift or get rid of. Usual feces activity can vary from one person to the other, and it could be three times every week or three times each day. Constipation can surely be discouraging, and it primarily involves mostly along with women. There are many causes of constipation. Before going over ways to cure it, let us first see what causes it.
Cause of Constipation in the Human Body
Constipation Causes do occur when a person have less than three bowels movements a week can lead to the. Constipation can develop in any person, but it is not a disease, and this is not a standard case with people with specific illnesses.
Some Common Causes Of Constipation Are:
• Lack of exercise
• Medications
· Lack of fiber in the diet
• Dairy products
• Lack of fluid
• Ignorant Envy:
• Improper nutrition:
· Tiredness:
• Stress
• Disease: Some illnesses and illnesses can cause constipation, conditions such as stroke, which can prevent parts of your body from functioning properly.
Sometimes the cause's constipation may be related to some specific drugs. If constipation is a side effect, it will be indicated on the drug tab and should be discussed with your doctor. Some medicines that can cause constipation are:
• Antacids
• Blood Pressure Medications
• Pain Medications
• Diuretics
• Antidepressants
• Antiparkinson drugs
• Iron Supplements
• Antispasmodics
• Anticonvulsants
Symptoms of Constipation in the Body System
There are no fixed Symptoms of Constipation except for persons having a serious underlying cause. However Constipation itself is a symptom, some general Constipation Symptoms are followed as guidelines in severe cases, and the following constipation symptoms may be present:
• Foul Breath
• Headache
• Coated Tongue
• Dizziness
• Loss of Appetite
• Nausea
• Depression
• Ulcers in the mouth
• Dark circles under eyes
• Pimples on face
• Pain in lumbar area
• Acidity
• Heartburn
• Insomnia
Remedies for Constipation in Human Body
Since you understand the possible causes of constipation in the body, it will certainly be uncomplicated to decrease the extent of the condition. Have a glance at the below-mentioned Constipation Medicine which will help you to protect against the complication of constipation.
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